about us

our mission: to empower visionaries and enterprises
to turn dreams into reality

facts about us:
we encompass our mission by creating beautiful and quality apps
we have over 12 years of experience in web and mobile development
we strongly belive in lean methodologies and implement them in our everyday work
we surrond ourselves with people and technologies that are fun to work with
we communicate transperantly
our business model is to develop effective solutions focused on business reality and needs designed to help grow sales, reduce expenses, and improve communications
our philosophy in 6 simple steps:

build apps as if they were our own


find simplicity amid complexity


use agile development methods to deliver predictable and reliable outcomes


always go for 110% and delight our customer


we promote innovation and creativity


"just play. have fun. enjoy the game."- borrowed from Michael Jordan

this philosophy has served us well thus far, as attested by our 700+ successfully completed projects